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Relationships can be hard when you cannot figure out what your partner is feeling and where his head is at. Does he love me? Does he want more? Are some of the questions you may be asking yourself. How do I get him to commit and admit what he is feeling?

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There are a few signs you can look for to help you figure out what is going on. No one wants to waste time in a relationship that isn’t going anywhere so you want to get some idea of what is going one.

We will look at a few signs that you can look for to see if he likes you and if he is scared to commit to you. Also, there are a few things you can do to see if you can push him to admit what he is thinking about your relationship. Below we will look at a few of these things that may help you to figure it all out.

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  • ❣ Know what to do next when got these 18 Signs He Likes You But Is Scared To Commit ❣
    • 1. He acts nervous at times
    • 2. He does not define your relationship
    • 3. His friends do not engage you
    • 4. He gives you commit vibes but he actually doesn’t
    • 5. Jealousy
    • 6. Hot and cold
    • 7. He listens to you
    • 8. He doesn’t talk about his feelings
    • 9. He has been hurt in the past
    • 10. Body Language
    • 11. Spending time
    • 12. Friends and family
    • 13. He loves you but tries to hide it
    • 14. He is getting to know you
    • 15. Dating
    • 16. Little things
    • 17. Other women
    • 18. Thoughtful
  • ∎ How to Tell if a Guy Is Confused About His Feelings for You ∎
    • ˃ He may have sex with you but lacks intimacy
    • ˃ He doesn’t express his feelings at all
    • ˃ Introductions
    • ˃ Does he talk about the future with you?
    • ˃ Situation ship
  • ♥ Undeniable signs he has strong feelings for you ♥
    • ➤ He loves talking to you
    • ➤ Chivalry
    • ➤ Treatment
    • ➤ Impresses you
    • ➤ He smiles a lot
  • ⏺ How do you make him confess his feelings? ⏺
    • ≽ Have fun with him and make him comfortable
    • ≽ Really listen to him without judgement
    • ≽ Show him you are interested in him
    • ≽ Express gratitude
    • ≽ Show attention to his friends and family
    • ≽ Talk to him directly
    • ≽ Be yourself
    • ≽ After sex
    • ≽ Test him out
    • ≽ Give him time
    • ≽ Make him jealous
    • ≽ Tease him with the future
  • 📍 Conclusions 📍
  • ⏹ Relevant Questions ⏹
    • Q: Do guys pull away when they catch feelings?
    • Q: What does a man think when he falls in love?
    • Q: How does a man fall deeply in love?
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❣ Know what to do next when got these 18 Signs He Likes You But Is Scared To Commit ❣

1. He acts nervous at times

Sometimes a man may be interested in you and may send mixed signals. He may be having some conflicting emotions and this may cause him to be nervous around you at times. This nervous approach may come from him feeling cautious, scared or just unsure. This may manifest as him talking too much, not talking at all or having sweaty palms.

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2. He does not define your relationship

If you have been together for some time and he does not want to put a label on you, there may be some issues there. Maybe he is afraid of falling in love? Scared to make a commitment? He may just have a fear of rejection? Whatever his reason, he should at least be able to define what is going on between you two.

3. His friends do not engage you

If you are in a relationship with a guy, his friends should be engaging you on some level. Having a relationship with friends is a clear sign for you to know where you fall in his life. Does he post you on his social media? It’s just the little things while dating that you can pay attention to for you to decide if he is into you and just scared to commit.

4. He gives you commit vibes but he actually doesn’t

He may do all the right things and say all the right things when dating but doesn’t actually talk about commitment. Could it be past women that damaged him? You don’t know but it is safe to say that if a guy wants to commit to a future with you, he should show it.

This will create an issue when he gives mixed signals while he is showing signs he loves you. He just might be scared but it is encouraging that you are seeing some signs that he may want to be in a long term relationship with you.

5. Jealousy

He may fall in love with you but he is still giving you a hot and cold message. Jealously is a sign that someone is really into and scared to admit some things. This is another sign that may show you that he was hurt in the past is that he is insanely jealous.

A past relationship may have hurt him and make him afraid of getting hurt again. This is a good measure though to understand someone being jealous but not being able to make a move to commit to the relationship.

6. Hot and cold

Do you keep getting mixed signals? Does he give you attention and then pull back? This is a clear sign that he is afraid to commit and will explain why he is pulling away at time.

When a guy loves you, he will show that he is interested and he will want to spend time with you. If he keeps going back and forth your instinct should tell you he likes you but he is scared to show commitment.

7. He listens to you

He may listen to you and does what he is suppose to do in the relationship. However, he may be holding back and not fully invested as your boyfriend. He makes you feel safe but is always pulling away. During your conversations you may have full eye contact but he is not fully giving himself to you.

When he is spending time, it may be obvious that he is afraid and just alternates as a different person. The interest is there but the commitment is just no there. These little things can show you where his head is at.

8. He doesn’t talk about his feelings

As your boyfriend, he should show his feelings and make you feel good as his partner. As a man you should make your woman feel sexy and give her all the attention you can. This will allow her to come around and be free with you as the man. However, if you are showing emotions between each other, then there should be no confusion about commitment issues with the person.

9. He has been hurt in the past

A man who has faced rejection in the past in his dating can be afraid to give his all in his relationships. It may be a challenge for him to come around and change his learned behavior when he is finding himself in love. He just might be scared to commit and unfortunately he may just try to suppress showing you signs he loves you.

10. Body Language

What does his body language indicate to you? Does it show that he is into you and wants a relationship? Does he act like he wants something long term? The emotions involved in the process will show you if the man loves you and what he thinks about his woman.

This is a good way as it is natural and it will be hard to change what you naturally feel. If he is showing you that he likes you but holding back, he may have fear to commit to you.

11. Spending time

Does he want to spend time with you? Maybe he does not spend time and is afraid to get hurt? Time with you may lead him to catch feelings for you and he may be afraid of this.

The good news is that if a guy likes spending quality time with you, this will show you if he enjoys your company and would be a good quality for the future. If he is scared to admit this but shows you in his actions, he just may be scared to commit.

12. Friends and family

If a guy is seriously into you, he will want to introduce you to his friends and family. He will introduce you as his woman and express his interest in you as his partner. His family and friends will be a good reinforcement of how he feels as they will take interest in you.

They will make contact and show interest in cultivating all those relationships. He may be completely into you but because of his previous relationships he may have a fear in moving forward with you.

13. He loves you but tries to hide it

How he expresses himself with you can be a good indicator of what he feels. Even if he tries to hide his feelings, it will eventually show what he is thinking. Falling for someone can make you do crazy things and even if things long ago are still affecting you, your love for the person will shine through. Talk to him to see his interest and what he is thinking.

14. He is getting to know you

If he is falling for you and having that talk about the future this shows that there is some interest in a relationship. Help him to forget about the past if he is hesitant to show commitment and afraid to get hurt. So him a sign of what his life can be with you, this could make him feel more comfortable to open himself up to commitment.

15. Dating

What is your dating life like? Are you guys spending time together to build your relationship? He may fall for you and you may be talking about important things to help form the basis of a a strong relationship. If he is pursuing you and trying to get you to be an important part in his life, this will show you he is interested. If he is doing this and not doing other things, this may show you that he likes you and may have a fear of commitment.

16. Little things

In relationships, it’s just the little things that give a sign that makes your partner know where their head is at. A man that is happy as your partner or boyfriend, will do anything he needs to so you can feel comfortable and enjoy having him in your life.

Falling in love makes you do whatever you need to maintain your relationship so look out for these signs if he is afraid to commit.

17. Other women

Do you catch him staring at other women? If not, he may be very attentive to you and probably very scared when he starts to fall in love with you. The signs of love will shine through in what he does with you and while this is so, if he is scared to commit then you will see that he is the type of guy to shy away from labeling his relationship.

18. Thoughtful

In a relationship, if a guy is thoughtful that is an awesome quality to have. He may do things for you that you appreciate and always wanted in partner.

However, he may just be scared to move the relationship forward. You can help him to feel comfortable with you to ensure he is not affected by anything in the past that may cause him to be scared about settling down with you.

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∎ How to Tell if a Guy Is Confused About His Feelings for You ∎

˃ He may have sex with you but lacks intimacy

This is something you should pay attention to in your relationship. Some men like to make love and be affectionate with you which shows how he feels. For other guys, they make love to you and they do not kiss, cuddle or show any intimacy towards you when you are in the act. Affection is important and can make you confirm how a man feels about you.

If you are dating and not feeling any affection, he may be confused or scared to let you know how he feels.

˃ He doesn’t express his feelings at all

He may not express any feelings to you especially when you have been dating for some time. He may be avoiding getting hurt but at the same time turning away a good thing with you.

Women like to feel comfortable in their relationships and love to know where they are on a guy’s priority list. Are we more than friends? Is there another girl or another guy? It should be clear where he stands in the relationship.

˃ Introductions

How does he introduce you to his friends? This is something you should pay attention to as guys can be very specific as to what they want and need. Does he introduce you are someone important to his family and friends? When he loves you, he will be a man and make his loved ones know that he is interested in you.

Maybe you could check with them to see where you stand and if there is a future with the both of you.

˃ Does he talk about the future with you?

When you are in a relationship, is he speaking about a future with you? Maybe he is confused and falling in love with you but he should have some direction of where you guys are going. Look for a sign to show how he feels and if he has love for you .

What does your instinct say? Does he tell you he loves you? Dating and building a relationship will involve you both putting energy into it and making plans for your future life together

˃ Situation ship

If you are going out on many dates and you are not heading in a particular direction that can be concerning. If he has not spoken to you about anything or hinted to you what he wants out of it, then your instinct should tell you that he is confused about what he wants.

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♥ Undeniable signs he has strong feelings for you ♥

➤ He loves talking to you

If a man loves you and wants to spend time with you, this would indicate that he enjoys your company. If he is with you and always have something more to say this may say a lot instead of him trying to express his feelings to you.

A man sometimes doesn’t know how to express himself and may just show you that he enjoys being with you. Trust your instincts and see what this brings to the relationship.

➤ Chivalry

He will go out of his way to be your hero and treat you as delicate as a flower. If he regularly wants to take care of you, to protect you and be there for you is a great quality. If he loves you he would want to take care of things you need to ensure you are comfortable and will not have need for anything.

➤ Treatment

How does he treat you when other girls are around? Does he still make you feel like the best thing in the world? This is also another important quality so you can test how he acts and behaves in different scenarios. This is perfect in a relationship when you are his peace and he is yours, you are his hero and he is your hero. This is a perfect balance of mind, body and spirit.

➤ Impresses you

Despite you both being in a relationship, he still has an instinct to impress you. This is admirable as he will still try to get your attention but a man will be a man. When a man is in love with you he would move mountains to make sure he remains the apple of your eye and he would love to keep impressing you. If he loves doing that, you will be in for a surprise every time you are with him.

➤ He smiles a lot

If he smiles a lot when he is with you, then this will indicate that he is happy when you are around. He could be hiding his feelings if he doesn’t explicitly tell you but watch his body language.

When a man loves, he loves hard and will go above and beyond to make sure you are happy. Let him express take care of you which would indicate that there is not someone else occupying his time.

Best Compliments
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⏺ How do you make him confess his feelings? ⏺

≽ Have fun with him and make him comfortable

An effective way to make your scared man move forward and admit his feelings to you is to make him comfortable. Make him love spending time with you and allow him to feel comfortable being vulnerable around you. Show him how interesting you are and he may want to explore things further with you by giving him some excitement.

≽ Really listen to him without judgement

Another way to get someone who is scared to open up to you is to give them a safe space. This will allow them to share anything they are feeling and not worry about what you will think about them. No matter what it is, hurt, thoughts and general feelings. This is the meaning of safe space so they can virtually say anything and you both work it out to make it better. Be his hero!

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≽ Show him you are interested in him

If he was hurt from a previous relationship, it would help that you show that you are genuinely interested in him. This will make him feel comfortable and show him that you are falling for him. This can create the right environment for love to form and lead him to be upfront with you.

≽ Express gratitude

Men also love to feel appreciated in a relationship. They may not always say so but they like when you show gratitude for nice things he does for you. When you allow him to feel good about himself around you, this can make him feel comfortable to share how he feels with you.

≽ Show attention to his friends and family

This is a neat move for you to get him feeling good. When you start involving his friends and family and start developing that relationship, the more he will feel comfortable with you.

He would like to see how you relate to them and if that works out well, it may push him towards evaluating the relationship and admitting how he feels.

≽ Talk to him directly

When you are in love, then you should be able to share your feelings confidently. You should try to be direct and see how he is feeling and what is going on in his mind. It could be possible he doesn’t know how to show how he feels, you can teach him how to love.

≽ Be yourself

If he loves you, then he should do just that, love you. You should feel comfortable to be your true self. All the outside barriers should be stripped down to expose exactly who you are. This will help him to see you in your pure form and truly be with you.

≽ After sex

Guys are usually very vulnerable after you make love. This is a time when they are vulnerable and in a position to expose their feelings. This is an opportune time to ask him how he feels and see what is on his mind. It is usually harder for him to lie at this time or to hide his feelings.

≽ Test him out

If you place him in some situation that will get him to expose how he feels is a tricky but effective way to get him to be honest. If he is worried, threatened, vulnerable in some way that he will put his thoughts of you first, this will make him expose his true feelings without thinking twice about it.

≽ Give him time

Sometimes when a guy loves you, he may just have to figure it out over time. He may not understand it but over time he will see that he needs you in his life. Once he starts experiencing these feelings, then he will appreciate what you mean to him and what the relationship means to him.

≽ Make him jealous

Some men may take too long to express their feelings and desires to you and may need to be pushed along to openly admit it. If he feels that there is another guy, more specifically, competition, this may open him to being jealous. This jealously could lead to him showing you that he cares and doesn’t want to lose you. This may be risky but you will be sure to see how he feels once there is a threat of another guy.

≽ Tease him with the future

Show him what a future with you will look like. This will give him things to look forward to when he settles down with you. If he wants to have this, he must express his desires to take the relationship to a new level.

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📍 Conclusions 📍

In relationships, guys may be the last one to express their feelings when they fall in love. This may be something the woman may have to pull out of him to express what he is feeling. There are a few things as discussed for you to see how he treats you in the relationship which will show you where his head is at when it comes to you.

If he does not expressly tell you how he feels, just watch his body language and how he treats you overall. Men can love hard in a love language even if he does not explicitly tell you, it will be shown and you should feel his attention. Give him time and do not rush him but see how he reacts in these different situations and that should give you some indication if he is ready to commit to you.

If you have to pull it out of him, then there are a few suggestions for you to put him in various situations to see how he would react. Once he is tested, this could push him towards admitting how he feels about you. If he really loves you, then he will not want to lose you and will do what is necessary to keep you happy in the relationship.

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⏹ Relevant Questions ⏹

Q: Do guys pull away when they catch feelings?

A: Some guys may pull away when they catch feelings for you. This is especially so if they have been hurt in the past and may be scared of loving again. If he loves you then he may show it in various ways but may pull back in other areas.

Q: What does a man think when he falls in love?

A: When a man falls in love he will want you around all the time and he will enjoy your time together. This is an exceptional time, where he will shower you with attention and go above and beyond to make you feel wanted. If he is scared to commit then there will be issues that will surface in the relationship showing that he is hesitant in some way.

Q: How does a man fall deeply in love?

A: When a man falls deeply in love, then he will want to share his life with you. When he is in this space, he will be open to many things and would want to build his life with you.

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