You might be surprised, but throughout the globe the estimated worth of global stock market is around 95 Trillion USD. You can say that it is indeed the amount that depicts global cashflow per year.

Now, as a trader who’s trying to win big in the stock market, you must have been siting in front of your desktop and keeping an eye on the continuously changing stock trends for the last many hours.

Don’t worry, you aren’t doing anything wrong. Most of the professional traders has the same trading style. But there’s one thing that allows them to keep moving and enjoying as well while exploring the financial markets.

Yes, you guess it right, the ‘trade alerts’ that can be customized for both market data and price alerts of respective targeted stocks.

All you need to do is o create alerts with a trusted platform and never slip any opportunity in the near future.

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  •  Here are The Best Stocks Alerts
    • 1)Forexsignals
      • Creating a sense of community
      • Never miss an opportunity ever again
    • 2)ForextradersUK
      • The power of MT4 software
      • Features you can’t get from anywhere else
    • 3) IQ Option
      • Your go to place for every kind of trading
      • One of the best alerts management system
    • 4)Motely Fool Rule Breaker
      • How it works?
      • Subscription Plans
    • 5)Seeking Alpha Pro
      • Stepping into the future of stock exchange and related news
      • But how can the platform predict trends so accurately?
    • 6)Motley Fool Stock Advisor
      • Your gateway to get well established stock units
      • What will you get with the paid subscription plan?
    • 7)Finimize
      • The power of daily brief newsletters
      • Monitor stock prices along with other options
    • 8)CNBC
      • The power of NBC news track
      • What else are you going to get?
    • 9)Trade Ideas
      • Say hello to Holly!
      • Taking the concept of trading to a whole new level
    • 10)Scanz
      • The ultimate platform for stocks traders
      • What are the exact services offered by Scans?
    • 11)Webull
      • The amazing no trading commission policy
      • Financial tools for everyone everywhere
    • 12)MarketWatch
      • In-depth analysis tools
      • Welcome to a whole another world on investing knowledge!
    • 13)Yahoo Finance
      • Yahoo Finance 101!
      • Prominent features of Yahoo Finance
    • 14)M1 Finance
      • Free stock trading and alerts for everyone!
      • How to open and manage your M1 finance account?
    • 15)The Wall Street Journal
      • Harvesting the power of The Wall Street Journal!
  • Conclusion
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 Here are The Best Stocks Alerts

If we talk about all time best stock alert platforms for day trading, the list can get very long before it comes to an end.

That’s why, we have shortlisted the top 15 all time best stock alert and day trading platforms for professional traders throughout the globe.


Known for it’s accurate ‘trade alerts’ and correct depiction of current and upcoming market trends, Forexsignals has indeed become the number one stock alerts and insight platform.

According to verified data, the platform currently hosts around 83,000 global traders and forex experts.


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Creating a sense of community

The ideology behind Forexsignals is very simple. The company believes that every single day trader must not trade alone. As day trading experts, we can all come together on a platform and create a community sharing trade plans and upcoming projections so everyone can take an advantage out of the alerts.

If you have already signup with Forexsignals, you can understand the benefits and upper hand associated with the use of this platform. Accurate market analysis from professionals, live streams hosted by some of the biggest names in global stock/forex trading, a community of thousands of traders within a single trade room, packed with frequent and timely alerts and many more.

Never miss an opportunity ever again

But for traders around the globe, there’s one feature offered by the Forexsignals community that outshines everyone else. The ‘push notifications’ that you can customize for any upcoming projected economical event or stock price hike/drop.

As a result, you don’t need to sit and wait for hours in front of the desktop screen before some considerable opportunity shows up.

Turn on the notifications and start focusing on trading style training offered by professional mentors on this amazing trading system. You can also sync in Forexsignals with your day trading system.

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To this very day, there’s no other ‘global’ day trading forex/stock platform that has the ability to fund its traders at this level. Plus, if you are a prominent trader with some exceptional skills, ForextradersUK will even fund a solid £10,00,000 for you to start with at a 50% profit sharing deal.


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The power of MT4 software

Yes, ForextradersUK is supported via MT4 software that can be accessed through any kind of smart device such as a tab, mobile, desktop or a laptop. The trading system allows the traders to customize notifications and alerts as well for any considerable market change.

The whole working idea behind the MT4 software is quite an effective one. The super raw spreads allows the trading platform to keep the commissions at a low level with liquidity providers working on maintaining the platform and allowing trader to share trade plans as well send alerts of the possible market change.

Features you can’t get from anywhere else

Besides sharing trade plans and getting instant notifications/signals regarding major market changes, what is the one thing that every day trader absolutely loves? yes, the instant access to his/her live funds. No one likes to wait much for the hard earned money and that’s a fact.

Along with keeping a keen eye on the global stock markets and the ability to work remotely, ForextradersUK also allows the experienced traders to trade over the weekends if the respective market allows. The platform doesn’t limit you in any way possible.


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3) IQ Option

Probably one of the very few forex/stock trading platforms around the globe that focus on the ‘marketing’ section more than anything else. Also known as the ‘heaven for a swing trader’ IQ option is quite popular among the global trading community because of its accurate technical analysis and price movements along with the one of a kind alerts sending system.

IQ option

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Your go to place for every kind of trading

The IQ option platform is not limited to forex/stocks trading alone. It is indeed hard to believe for some trading experts but the platform does deals with crypto as well. You can also open a demo account if you are a swing trader in order to get better technical analysis of the platform.

Suitable for all the major operating systems, IQ options allows the trader to instantly withdraw and deposit funds through payment options like MasterCard, Skrill, VISA, etc. The limit for minimum amount deposit is fixed at 10$ for all platform traders.

One of the best alerts management system

Besides dealing in various kinds of potential assets, IQ option is widely known for its push notification dynamics. If you feel confident about some stock/forex/commodity, you can even enable email alerts and technical indicators for this particular asset.

Once the email alerts are enables, the platform will make sure that you are fully aware of every major spread betting going ground along with sell signals for major trade deals. You can also lock the alerts system to a particular spread betting session going on for an indefinite period of time.

IQ option

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4)Motely Fool Rule Breaker

If you are particularly looking for a website that deals with every major trend, research or news going around globally, then Motely Fool Rule Breaker will be the best choice for you. Super user friendly and accurate, the Motely Fool Rule Breaker will become an essential part of your trading strategies in no time.

Motely Fool Rule Breaker

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How it works?

Well, the credit behind whole ‘Motely Fool’ operations goes to the amazing team of Mr. David Gardner. With years of experience in hand regarding the trading dynamics of global markets, the team evaluates every major potential unit of asset that can be traded.

Once the team decides to go with a particular stock/forex, the Motely Fool Setup will send alerts with a price action plan to those who were looking for such kind of market change. As a trader, you will also be receiving alerts regarding latest stocks news and global stock market changes.

Subscription Plans

The Motely Fool Rule Breaker is a global market evaluation platform. In other words, it doesn’t matter where you reside in or which are your targeted trading markets. Motely Fool will evaluate the trading stocks for the investors and alert them of any major shift.

That’s why, the subscription plans offered by Motely Fool Rule Breaker also varies from region to region. But after taking to many of the motely Fool platform users, the platform as well as the mobile app provide their services in a moderate price range so that every trading enthusiast can track his/her progress easily with frequent alerts.

Motely Fool Rule Breaker

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5)Seeking Alpha Pro

A platform that believes in investing in the futures of traders around the globe by providing them exceptional forex trading as well as exchange opportunities. Today, the Seeking Alpha Pro app is one of the most widely used platform to get stock/forex news and alerts of all kinds.

Seeking Alpha Pro

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Stepping into the future of stock exchange and related news

According to verified resources, the Alpha Pro setup allows its users and trading partner companies to get access to any kind of latest credible news circulating in the global trading market and traders.

For a fixed monthly subscription plan, the platform will even guide traders about any kind of upcoming potential trade opportunity opening in any of the global trading markets. And in terms of forex, the level of profits depicted by the platform for certain forex/stock based assets are accurate most of the time.

But how can the platform predict trends so accurately?

To be very honest, companies as well as well known trading experts still don’t know answer to this question. The Alpha Pro setup is know for predicting upcoming rising trends for markets and notifying the traders to invest in their futures at the right time.

But how they achieve this feat so accurately is still unknown to majority of the experts. However, the platform does claim to have a specific team of forex/stock monitoring experts that conduct an in depth research and study on every potential upcoming opportunity and send notifications regarding the best ones to put your money on.

Seeking Alpha Pro

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6)Motley Fool Stock Advisor

Another major jewel of the Motely Fool stock handling crown. A platform designed specifically for trades associated with stocks and resultant profits, the Motely Fool Stock Advisor is known to recommend stock investing opportunities that can have an eventually large profitable impact on your trading profile.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor

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Your gateway to get well established stock units

As compared to the Motely fool rule Breaker, the Motely Fool Stock Advisor trades and focuses on well known and established stock units. For example, Netflix, Coca Cola, Apple, and many other prominent stock assets that are globally acknowledged.

Similarly, the markets targeted by the Stock Advisor as well as the information and alerts released by the platform are associated with investing opportunities that some prefer to call as the ‘once in a lifetime stock investing opportunities’. But remember, greater the profit also means greater the risk.

What will you get with the paid subscription plan?

Even though the subscription plans offered by the platform are open for everyone, but mostly large scale corporates and companies are the one who deals with stock signs and news issued by the Motely Fool Stock Advisor. Not because there is something wrong with the platform that small size traders an’ deal with, but because of he level of high-end investing opportunities offered by the site to invest money in.

Within the general subscription plan, you will be getting access to the complete targeted stock market history as well as customized alerts for any account trades and site changes that can influence your stock assets.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor

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By far, one of the most affordable global trading alert and new platform ever to exist. Most of the services offered by the Finimize platform are completely free. However, you can still enjoy a full premium site service for a 40 USD annual fee.


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The power of daily brief newsletters

The whole method followed by the Finimize site to provide opportunities and news alerts related to potentially profitable investments is quite simple. You will be receiving a brief newsletter on a daily basis through the provided email or any other preferred option.

The newsletter will be less than 500 words in total, that’s the Finimize guarantee. Generally, the daily news brief covers three major sections. First, what is exactly going on with the targeted stock. Second, what exactly does it tells us. And third, whether it can affect my portfolio in a profitable way or not?

Monitor stock prices along with other options

After talking to the Finimize customers, one thing is pretty much clear. Unlike other apps that offer tracking service as well, Finimize follows a more casual tone to show all the possible outcomes of an investment rather than a professional one.

In other words, you will get the information letter daily describing possible risk factor and additional features like current market trends and upcoming opportunities in a tone and wording that will be easily understandable for most of us. A great way to promote a service this much effective and accurate.


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We bet you haven’t considered the CNBC application itself as a credible trading and stocks alerting partner, right? Don’t worry, you aren’t the first one to do so. The whole process of trading is based on accurate assumptions regarding various stocks, money movements, and the setup cap.

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The power of NBC news track

If you are an American Citizen, you must have already guessed the parent governing investors behind the flagship CNBC application. Yes, it is the NBC itself and with the level of set up hold NBC has over stocks and moving averages, getting accurate trade signs is all you are going to get through the CNBC app.

The app allows the trade partner to access not only real-time stock quotations, but future estimated projections of stocks and the market as well. Through this kind of information, you can easily track the market and put your money in the favourable trading stocks.

What else are you going to get?

Well, you might be surprised but the CNBC application is completely free for both investors and small size trade enthusiasts. There’s no premium version of the application available, you can access all the data completely free through the CNBC app.

Plus, the fun part is that you can also stream and enjoy widely popular CNBC shows like ‘Mad Money with Jim Cramer’ and the ‘American Greed’ to keep yourself updated and motivated regarding money trends and alert you at at the same time whether you are from the group of investors or traders.


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9)Trade Ideas

If we talk about the integration of modern technology in the world of trading and money monitoring, there aren’t much trading platforms and applications that can track your stocks growth and other related trends through the power of AI. But Trade Ideas is one of the very few such platforms that has been doing so.

Trade Ideas

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Say hello to Holly!

This might have been the first time you have heard about the AI bot named Holly. Well, in the world of trading, holly is quite popular among money monitoring traders as well as the investors. But services of Holly do come with a hefty subscribing plans.

So, Holly is basically a trading AI bot that has been launched by the Trade Ideas platform. Now, holly doesn’t believe in sending time to time alert regarding any possible upcoming stock investment opportunity. Instead, holly will also monitor your stock growth and forecast any major stock bloom coming your way.

Taking the concept of trading to a whole new level

Instead of focusing on moving averages and predicting inaccurate trade trends, Trade Ideas believe in harvesting the full power of an AI to exactly predict the major market shift going to happen and alert its subscribers in time to take a crucial decision.

however, the use of Trade Ideas is limited to investors mostly. That’s because of the heavy subscribing charges required for the annual subscribing plan in order to get timely alerts and future stats projections. The charges are 228USD per month for premium while 118USD per month for the standard package.

Trade Ideas

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In this list of top effective stock alerts platforms, we don’t believe there’s another application/website that has more experience and in depth market knowledge than Scanz. For example, With a team to supervise global stock setup global trends, you can put your money where Scanz suggests and alerts you about without any hesitation with customizable alert receiving settings.


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The ultimate platform for stocks traders

From the very first day, Scanz has mentioned countless times that it is a platform best suitable for traders, not investors. in other words, Scanz solely focus on best ever trading profit opportunities throughout the globe instead of evaluating companies for investors to invest their money in.

So if you are a trading enthusiast who’s looking for the best profit generating stock opportunities, then Scanz will be your ultimate guide alerting and notifying about any possible upcoming money generating opportunity for you. But it does charge a subscribing fees for its plans.

What are the exact services offered by Scans?

As discussed earlier, the main goal of Scanz is to hunt down opportunities for traders that can be accessed within a certain price limit. It will not go and deal with high value stocks or companies for you.

That’s why, major Scanz services include a price controlled stock tracking option that can also be customized to hunt down volume-based and news-based trading opportunities as well as giving frequent alerts. The per month news plan charges are 79USD while for the trading scanner plan, you will be asked to pay 99 USD per month. But if you are looking for a bundle plan, the subscribing plan will go up to 149USD per month.


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Whether you are a trading enthusiast or an investor, there’s no you haven’t heard about the Webull trading alerts setup at least once in your career so far.

Make your first zero commission trade on Webull

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The amazing no trading commission policy

That’s right, one of the features that gives Webull a more prominent and distinctive authority in the world of stocks trading is its zero commission charging policy. In other words, the platform doesn’t charge for any kind of trade you are going to initiate or make.

But according to experts, this is not something that is going to last for long. You can also consider it as a marketing stunt to promote trading on the platform. So far, if we look at the stats, Webull has been really successful in terms of trading with this tactic.

Financial tools for everyone everywhere

Beside the current no trading commission policy, the quality and quantity of financial tools available on the platform is truly exceptional. Without paying any prominent price, you can enjoy notifying tools along with the ones that allow you to conduct an in-depth analysis of the current global trading trends.

Plus, with real-time notifier enabled, you don’t need to spend your whole day on the platform looking for the perfect trading opportunity to pop up. Be assured, when the time comes, you are going to be bombarded with trading alerts and notifications as long as you don’t get back to the platform.


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The name of the platform can tell you many things about the trading platform. This one golden rule commonly known among the trading community back at the Wall Street. For example, If we apply the same rule for MarketWatch, you can already assess what kind of website you are going to deal with.


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In-depth analysis tools

Besides alerts regarding the money you have invested in the stocks, what’s the one thing that every trading enthusiast dreams to have in a trading alerts website/application? Yes, the tools that are going to help him/her to conduct an in-depth analysis of the global setup.

Well, you can also rely on the platform for things like this. But according to experts, the level of stocks and money knowledge you are going to get through conducting analysis yourself is way more valuable than allowing auto-sync and scanner take your place.

Welcome to a whole another world on investing knowledge!

Most of the traders around the globe are after the global markets to make trades that will eventually make their futures brighter than ever. Looking for profits or creating assets through forex isn’t wrong at all, but this shouldn’t be the only reason behind your trades.

That’s why, MarketWatch application as well as the website is known for providing useful articles on money, trading, markets, forex and the futures of various global markets. And for a trader like yourself, this is the best data resource you can get online.


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13)Yahoo Finance

There was a day when Yahoo was the ultimate search engine throughout the globe. from Yahoo business to Yahoo mail (Hotmail), Yahoo was affecting the futures of markets and trades with their influence over the internet. Today, Yahoo isn’t the same it was a couple of decades ago. Both in terms of money and authority.

Yahoo Finance

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Yahoo Finance 101!

The downfall of the Yahoo empire was something that wasn’t predicted at all. forex/Stocks markets throughout the globe were shocked with the rapidly decreasing account value of Yahoo. According to experts, the rise of Google was the ultimate reason for such a major downfall.

Today, it is the year 2021. Yahoo isn’t what it was before. But still the level of accuracy associated with the Yahoo Finance website/application is something that major forex markets and trading experts acknowledge. Instead of investing in futures, Yahoo now guides traders to access global forex markets and stocks.

Prominent features of Yahoo Finance

Beside selling guides and markets insights, there are quite a number of amazing features that can be accessed through the Yahoo Finance mobile app in particular. Don’t worry, the application is completely free to access.

Yahoo Finance offers options like tracking any stocks, forex, markets, commodities, etc along with the ability to lock on potentially beneficial trades. For example, If you are a trading enthusiast who prefers to focus on particular trades, Yahoo Finance allows you to get a separate news tab related to specific trades and account dynamics.

Yahoo Finance

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14)M1 Finance

Isn’t it going to be great if the trading platform you are using also guides you about all the important trading and selling tactics as well? Fortunately, in terms of forex markets and trades, M1 Finance is doing the same thing for its customers. Plus, there aren’t any charges associated as well with the trades and portfolio management.

M1 Finance

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Free stock trading and alerts for everyone!

The MI trading platform is one of the very few trades monitoring platform that doesn’t charge any kind of charges from its customers for any kind of trading. This applies to anyone around the globe irrespective of the types of forex markets the account is dealing with.

As a sign of goodwill, the platform also offers a separate tab within the setup that contains stories and useful articles regarding markets and forex trade account situations. For example, You also get the chance to customize the tab according to your preference.

How to open and manage your M1 finance account?

If you are talking about real money based trading account instead of a dummy one, then you surely need some extra precautions to take while opening your account. But with M1 trading platform, all of this can be done in a matter of minutes.

First, look for the sign that says ‘New Account’. Once clicking that, you will be redirected to a new window where you will asked to provide all the necessary details and verification document. Once the account gets approved, you can deposit money according to your budget.

M1 Finance

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15)The Wall Street Journal

Among all the major trading platforms that you can access for forex and stock trading, we have kept the Wall Street Journal in the end for a reason. We bet that most of you must not even heard about a service like this that’s directly offered by Wall Street itself. But yes, this service does exist.

The Wall Street Journal

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Harvesting the power of The Wall Street Journal!

With a super affordable payment plan at a monthly subscription price of 32.99USD, the Wall Street Journal is the perfect mobile application based service you can get today to keep a keen eye on the stock setup.

We all have heard about Warren Buffet, right? The stock market tycoon that holds majority of the shares of the Coca-Cola empire. you might be surprised but the Wall Street Journal is one of his all time favorite newspapers that he daily reads. This is enough too show the credibility of the Wall Street Journal in terms of a market analyzing service.

With its super compatible nature with both the android and iOS based mobile devices, the WSJ application service has become quite popular among the trading world. Especially the ones who can’t access the Wall Street Journal Newspaper on a daily basis.

Once you setup the application successfully, it will offer you a whole list of topics from which you can customize your preferred service and daily news article alerts. Don’t worry, you can always switch to any other service later on.

The Wall Street Journal

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Stocks and forex trading, two of the most prominent topics and widely discussed topics of the 21st century. As much as the market is loaded with experts of the field, the platforms that offer such a service are also quite frequently used these days. But remember, you can’t ignore the risk associated with this service and market as well.

According to the Wolf of Wall Street himself, risk is all that runs this industry. You take out of the risk factor out of the equation, there’s nothing left much to discuss related to this service. That’s why, the ability to take and handle risk in this field is something that only the top players have. That’s why they are the top players in the first place.

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Lets say you are ready to take the risk, what is the major service you are going to need in the world of forex trading? Someone that can track your money? Or someone that can guide you further about investing the money?

In reality, all you going to need is to get a platform that can send you time to time accurate alerts regarding any upcoming opportunity. And we don’t believe that someone can do this job except Forexsignals!

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