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Choosing stocks can be overwhelming to any investor who doesn’t have the same access to resources and analysts as trading companies. Fortunately, there are tools available to make sifting through the insane amounts of data and navigating the immense world of stocks easier for individual investors. A stock screener provides individual investors with the resources to pick the right stocks for them. It can sort through thousands of stocks almost instantly according to your selected screening filters. Stock screeners are an invaluable resource that all stock investors and day traders should use to their advantage.

  • Stock Screener
    • 1. Trade Ideas
      • Pros
      • Cons
    • 2. Stock Rover
      • Pros
      • Cons
    • 3. Atom Finance
      • Pros
      • Cons
    • 4. Zacks (NASDAQ)
      • Pros
      • Cons
    • 5. TradingView
      • Pros
      • Cons
    • 6. Finviz
      • Pros
      • Cons
    • 7. TC2000
      • Pros
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    • 8. Market Gear
      • Pros
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    • 9. TD Ameritrade
      • Pros
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    • 10. StockFetcher
      • Pros
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    • 11. Chartmill
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  • Conclusion
    • Best Stock Screener For Day Trading
  • F.A.Q.
    • What Is A Stock Screener?
    • Difference Between Stock Screener and Stock Scanner
    • How To Choose A Stock Screener?
    • How To Use Stock Screeners?
    • How To Set Up A Stock Screener?
    • How To Use Tradingview Stock Screener?
      • Technical Screening Criteria
    • How To Use Trade Ideas Stock Screener?
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Stock Screener

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A stock screener is a program used by investors and traders to sift through stocks based on screening filters set by the trader. Here is a list of the best stock screeners available to individual investors.

1. Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas

Image from Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas offers a leading-edge stock market technology that teaches new traders how to navigate the stock market. Founded by financial technology entrepreneurs, it’s a platform that coaches aspiring investors to make wise decisions. To ensure their success, the platform offers them the support to succeed.


Trade Ideas is hands down the best stock screener for day traders. It provides users with real-time data to help them make the most current and informed decisions. Their technology directly links to American and Canadian exchanges, granting traders the capability to track real-time quotes and trades.

Those who are looking to get into day trading will benefit greatly from the education and support this platform offers its users. The software features a simulated trading platform where both new and experienced investors can practice their trading strategies without the risk of losing real money. This empowers users of this platform with the confidence and skill to become successful day traders. There is constant support and educational classes for those with little to no prior investing experience. There is also a live community where new investors can ask for support and tips. Traders who are interested in developing their skills and strategies should definitely consider Trade Ideas. Its useful features such as an event-based backtester, custom formulas, and OddsMaker are excellent tools for crafting a successful strategy.

Furthermore, the software is incredibly fast with a powerful artificial intelligence technology that suggests profitable trades. If investors want a break from picking their own stocks, they can switch to a fully automatic investment portfolio managed by their AI named Holly. However, this option is only available after users activate a premium account.


While it is the best stock screener on this list for day trading, its scope is limited to American and Canadian stock exchanges.


2. Stock Rover

Stock Rover

Image from Stock Rover

Stock Rover is one of the best stock screeners for North American markets. This web platform offers a free version as well as premium options.


Stock Rover provides traders with the option to capitalize on the strategies of famous investors. The strategies of gurus such as Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, and Joel Greenblatt are available as data metrics and screening filters.

Those with a premium account unlock access to the Stock Rover Premium Plus screener. Traders can create complex equations by combining multiple filters and sort through historical data.

Stock Rover gives traders more filters and technical screening criteria than other stock screeners with over 150 stock screening filters. Their premium options also allow traders to generate a ranking of stocks based on specific criteria that the trader values such as growth, valuation, dividends, and financial strength. Traders who integrate Stock Rover with a brokerage account can take advantage of better portfolio analysis and recommendations as well as more robust reporting.


Though it offers many features and financial services, there is no option to exchange stocks directly from Stock Rover. Therefore, traders must use Stock Rover in conjunction with other trading platforms or a brokerage account.


3. Atom Finance

Atom Finance

Image from Atom

Atom is an investment research platform for stock screening created by professionals. Their goal is to provide individual investors with the same resources as investment companies. To do this, they use institutional-grade data and leading technology.


Atom succeeds in its goal to even the playing field between companies and individuals through its high-level data and services. Their broad range of company-level data includes historical data, social data, analyst forecasts, financial firms, leading banks, and more. Traders can connect Atom to their brokerage account for more robust reporting and improved portfolio recommendations. This helps traders recognize what areas of their portfolios need to be more diversified. Access to a document search and historical data allows traders to research a complete overview of the company. Traders can judge the financial strength of the company before deciding to invest in individual stocks. This makes Atom one of the best stock screeners in terms of data.

Hubs is another great feature of Atom. Users can compare stocks across several categories to analyze their performance. There is also a community of investment experts grouped into several chats based on their trading style and preferences. Curious traders can enter any of these chats to gain useful knowledge and tips from their more experienced counterparts. Those who subscribe to the premium version unlock helpful features such as price updates, explanations in a price change, and commentary from an expert analyst.


Atom offers a free service, but most of its best features are reserved for its premium users.


4. Zacks (NASDAQ)


Image from Zacks

Zacks is a highly reputable NASDAQ stock screener. Their free version is one of the most well-equipped stock screeners available to traders. Users looking for a free service to start screen stocks should try Zacks.


Zacks offers significantly more free tools than other screeners. It is one of the most comprehensive free stock screeners available to traders. The platform uses hundreds of metrics to communicate relevant market information to traders. This allows users to make well-informed investment decisions.

In addition, it offers more filters than most stock screeners. This allows users to fine-tune their search, create complex equations, and generate more specific results. Its most instrumental metric is arguably the extensive earnings per share (EPS). This metric, along with other tools, displays a complete overview of a company’s performance over time.


Although users can use this platform to filter based on customs value, Zacks lacks in technical filters.


5. TradingView


Image from TradingView

TradingView is a cloud-based software for stock screening that will intuitively to both beginner and experienced investors. Heavily chart-based with over 12 chart types, it provides traders with the visual data necessary to make wise investment decisions.


TradingView offers a lot of tools and services at no or very low cost to users. It’s one of the most affordable stock screeners available to traders. Their free version is perfect for users on a budget. The free plan offers most of the features of their subscription plans, but it comes with ads. Traders can also try their premium features with a free 30-day trial.

Beginner traders or more experienced ones looking to improve their strategies will find their Paper Trading one of the most useful tools for practice.

It provides traders with a wide scope of data including international stocks and EFTs. Traders can access real-time data on international stocks from over 90 exchanges globally. This makes it particularly useful for investors who want to invest in international stocks.

TradingView offers an impressive selection of fundamental and technical screening criteria. This allows international traders to customize data filters and narrow down the infinite number of stocks worldwide to the ones that best match their preferences.

This platform includes a broad range of securities and investments such as cryptocurrency and foreign exchange currency. Their rating system for securities makes it easier to decide whether traders should buy securities or sell securities.

Where this platform truly shines is their charts. The over 12 chart types are both beginner and advanced friendly. They provide traders one of the best visual tools to analyze stock prices and patterns.

The cloud-based platform can also be downloaded as an app on any device. It provides investors with real-time alerts with various setting options so they never miss an opportunity to make a profit.


Traders must pay for access to real-time data, but the monthly cost of their subscription plans is relatively cheap.

Traders looking to filter historical data will be disappointed with TradingView.

Although the charts are beginner-friendly, inexperienced investors may be overwhelmed by the lack of guidance offered by this platform.


6. Finviz


Image from Finviz

Finviz is another great stock screener with many free features. It’s one of the best stock screeners due to its arsenal of effective tools.


Finviz boasts useful stock screening tools such as backtesting, charts, social data, real-time quotes, and an impressive array of fundamental and technical screening criteria.

Those who prefer visual aids will love this platform’s approach to complex data analysis. They present their information in a visually appealing and interactive manner that feels intuitive to users.

Their stock charts are especially easy to use and understand. Traders can effortlessly access the interactive charts by clicking its stock symbol. The chart allows users to compare the stock’s performance with other competitors in the market.

While many of this software’s features are accessible with the free plan, those who want access to even better features such as real-time data can sign up for the elite version. The elite screener grants access to more advanced charts, customized filters, price history, price analysis, and more flexible options.

Furthermore, Finviz provides traders access to global markets. This worldwide access, in addition to their powerful screening tools, is why so many traders prefer this platform.


While it offers many filters, it lacks in terms of fundamental analysis.

Moreover, it’s unable to track multiple stocks simultaneously.


7. TC2000


Image from TC2000

TC2000 is a stock screener with an easy-to-use interface. It has over 25 years of experience in screening the market.


In addition to allowing its users to fine-tune their search through customized screening filters, it boasts a broad range of both technical and fundamental screening criteria. This wide selection enables traders to scan thousands of individual stocks and narrow it down to a select few.

Despite its robust services, the platform is easy to use. To make the investing process more seamless, TC2000 gives traders the option to create an account with TC2000 brokerage. Integrating the brokerage account to their stock screener allows traders to refer to their screens while simultaneously investing.

As a stock screener, some of its most useful features include the option to watch several stocks at the same time and the ability to layer several criteria visually on a chart.


The TC2000 stock screener is limited to the North American exchanges like many other stock screeners.


8. Market Gear

Market Gear

Image from Market Gear

Market Gear is a powerful platform that offers a stock screener. Due to its integration option, traders can invest in stocks directly using their software.


As a stock screener, it is one of the few available across multiple devices. Users who download the Market Gear software on their mobile device can set real-time alerts to avoid missing a lucrative opportunity to invest or sell.

Similar to other stock screeners, this platform makes good use of charts to help traders visualize information. Moreover, you can customize your chart based on your strategy.

The Market Gear stock screener includes various technical and fundamental criteria to filter your results. It also boasts hundreds of criteria that users are able to filter for the best results.

The software also provides the traders with the chance to backtest their strategy so users can optimize its performance.

A handy tool included by Market Gear is a journal consisting of your investment history. This allows users to perform their own portfolio and investment analysis.


Despite its many useful features, subscriptions to this platform are more expensive than other stock screeners.

Furthermore, it lacks research capabilities. Users must do their own research outside of the platform to make a fully informed decision.


9. TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade

Image from TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is another online brokerage software that offers a stock screener. As a brokerage, it is specifically geared towards day trading. Unlike most online brokerages, they charge no commission.


As a stock screener service, it offers its Stock Hacker tool for free. The tool allows traders to filter and screen stocks in real-time.

In addition to being able to filter through stocks, it is one of few stock screeners that can scan across several categories such as options, mutual funds, and EFTs. The stock screener boasts an impressive array of fundamental and technical criteria. Users can also search according to dividends, volume, performance, and ratings.

Best of all, this resource is completely available to traders for free.


It lacks the features that other software specifically designed as a stock screener possesses.


10. StockFetcher


Image from StockFetcher

Although not as intuitive as other interfaces, StockFetcher is a powerful stock screener once traders invest the time in learning how to use it.


StockFetcher is a stock screener tool available to traders. Anyone can start screening stocks using its pre-existing stock screen. Alternatively, users can customize their own screens. There are several filters and criteria available, but users can also specify their parameters.


Although its free version offers access to five stocks simultaneously, traders must pay more to screen more. Beginner traders might struggle with this platform due to its steep learning curve. There is a slight delay in data which might annoy some people.


11. Chartmill


Image from Chartmill

Chartmill is another powerful stock screener option for traders.


Traders have the benefit of choosing from several options to find stock information. Users can filter through each category using various technical and fundamental analytics.

It provides in-depth screening, charting, and complex data analysis.

It is relatively intuitive so traders who have never used a screener before will find it easy to use.

Chartmill provides free monthly credits which users need to screen a stock.


Price quotes are delayed which can be annoying to some traders.



The more time a trader spends with a stock screener, the easier it becomes to choose the best investment opportunities for you. There are many incredible stock screeners to assist both new and experienced traders in their quest to make a profit. Some have incredibly useful features such as portfolio analysis and monitor the exchange markets globally, but all of them scan thousands of options to ensure you see only the most suitable ones.

Best Stock Screener For Day Trading

While other screeners on this list excel in different regards, the best stock screener for day trading is without question Trade Ideas. It is the ideal tool for day traders of all skill and expertise levels. Inexperienced investors will improve tremendously with their educational and support services. More experienced investors can take advantage of their over 800 filters to narrow down stocks and select the best ones. Investors, regardless of level, can level up their skills and hone their trading strategies with the simulated trading feature. Alternatively, users can trust Holly, their high-end artificial intelligence designed by experts, to find profitable trades for them. Traders who want the best chance of success will not go wrong with Trade Ideas.


What Is A Stock Screener?

A stock screener is an instrument used by traders to categorize and analyze a stock based on user-defined metrics. The best platforms enable traders to choose the most suitable investment based on their search criteria. They can separate stock from others according to price, dividend ration, the debt-to-equity ratio among other factors.

Difference Between Stock Screener and Stock Scanner

Although they are often confused for each other, a stock screener is not the same as s a stock scanner. While a scanner similarly scans stock information with filters to eliminate results that are outside of the criteria defined by the trader, a stock screener relies on a more real-time flow and constant monitoring of market information. Traders who prefer to know pricing information as they happen should choose a screener over a scanner.

How To Choose A Stock Screener?

Anyone who wants to seriously invest should use a stock screener. It is an incredibly useful tool for finding the right investment for them. To choose the best stock screener for you, consider your investment strategy. Afterwards, do your research. There are plenty of options out there, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. To determine the most suitable one for you as a trader, you may need to try several even after researching each of them thoroughly.

How To Use Stock Screeners?

Fortunately, most stock screeners have user-friendly interfaces that make them easy to use for new traders. However, most of them involve the same process of defining specific and desired financial criteria and entering your search criteria. Stock screeners then present a list of companies that match your requirements.

How To Set Up A Stock Screener?

Each trader should set up their screener according to their style, preferences, and portfolio. However, most traders will find that running the screen on a weekly basis, choosing a couple of matches to your criteria, and then buying and selling all week is a fruitful strategy.

How To Use Tradingview Stock Screener?

The TradingView stock screener is one of the best stock screeners for filtering the stocks of companies worldwide. To sort through the vast amount of information, users can explore their predefined screening filters.

Technical Screening Criteria

Afterwards, traders can begin to sift through stocks using descriptive filters to identify specific criteria and technical filters based on their strategy. This allows traders to narrow down the stocks to the most suitable matches. Renown for its charting analysis, traders can select any stock to view data and trends visually through charts. Taking advantage of combining multiple filters and their chart data analysis will offer traders the best trading opportunities worldwide.

How To Use Trade Ideas Stock Screener?

Fortunately for inexperienced traders, Trade Ideas is incredibly simple to use. The platform’s interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Those who want to start screening stocks but have little to no expertise in online trading should start off with their educational classes and webinars.

Afterwards, they can move on to formulating their trading strategies with the simulated trading platform. This allows new and experienced traders alike to hone their investing skills while eliminating the risk of losing actual money. Traders should also take advantage of the live trading room community for support.

Once users gain more confidence with their abilities as an investor, they can level up by exploring the over 800 filters to sort through stocks. They can also optimize their strategies using the OddsMaker, the event-based backtester, and customized formulas. Alternatively, traders can follow the advice of Holly, the AI, to discover lucrative trading opportunities.

Those who feel comfortable enough to move on to trading automation should try the Brokerage Plus module. This allows day traders to auto-trade using Holly’s trades or their own strategies. Users could also take advantage of Holly, the AI, by switching to fully automatic AI portfolio management.


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